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X How to Play Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a game that's installed by default on most computers that come with Windows. Most people like to just click around the program hoping to not hit a mine, but if you want to master the game, then you have to play with strategy. The most important skill you can use while playing Minesweeper is a process of elimination.

Easy 5 steps manual:
  1. This field have ten mines.
  2. Click any square, preferably towards the middle. Most Minesweeper players click random squares until a group of squares "opens" up. If 4 or 5 squares opened after your click, it's time to evaluate the numbers. If only one square opens after your click, find another random square.
  3. Check the numbers to find bombs. As you uncover tiles, you will see numbers revealed. A number means that there are that number of bombs touching that tile (both sides, top/bottom, and diagonally). If you see a 1 on the board, it means that square is touching exactly 1 mine.
  4. Click known safe squares. Eliminate squares that can't possibly contain mines by left clicking. Say you found a 1, and you're pretty sure where the mine for that 1 is. You can click all the other squares around that 1 to open them, because the 1 can only be in contact with a single mine. *Use all of the numbers in a given area to figure out where the mines are.
  5. Keep moving through a process of elimination.